Awards are awesome – part one


It’s MARCH. And I just realized that I had a to-do list in January. And I haven’t done any of the things I wrote on it.

Some of those things are okay to leave aside – like going to the gym, or figure out where my life is going – but some things have to be done, and the longest you delay them, the lamest you feel.
Anyway, in January I had the nice surprise of receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award for my blog from Mr Michael Allan Leonard, creator of the excellent blog Public Domain.
Considering that I had an average amount of 5 visits a day on that blog, I was surprised and really happy!
As I’m a terrible person, and have no notion of time, I’m only reacting now.
I’m so sorry!

award2This paper lady is definitely not supposed to look like me.  

he rules of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are:

1) Display the award logo on your blog
2) Link back to the person who nominated you (once again, to be sure: Public Domain)
3) State 7 things about yourself
4) Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5) Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirement.

So here we go.
(And let me just say here that english is not my first language, so forgive any grammar mistake please :)

SEVEN (extremely random) THINGS ABOUT ME:

1 –  I’ve been dyeing my hair red for such a long time that I sometimes forget that it’s not my real color. 
2 – I read while walking. And I NEVER bump into people or lamp poles. Thank you, peripheral vision.
3 – I have a wall in my room where I pin all the things I want to keep. Drawing, pictures, business cards… I’ve been doing this for years so they are sometimes several layers. When I feel nostalgic, I go and dig for some forgotten memories.

4 – I spent 8 months in Chicago a few years ago, and fell in love with the city. I haven’t been back there in a while but I hope I will, soon.
5  – I loathe moths. With this horrible buzzing sound they make and their powdery wings… Just the thought of it makes me shudder.
6 – I can’t ride a bike. Everytime I do, something bad happens.
7 – I saw the movie Alien when I was around 6. I was so traumatized that, for a long long time, I was covering my mouth with my blanket before falling asleep, terrified to end up with alien eggs in my stomach.

Some of those blogs are french (because… I’m french).

The Diona’s Jungle Juice Blog


Tom Joyce

Agnes Patron

James Albon

Bored in a record shop

The Daily Becca

Gaëlle Almeras

Le Rénard Argenté

Mathilde Rouault

Crooked Arms


Bdmii – Le Blog de Mii

Etienne Guignard

So that was all for today. Next day, I’ll find eleven other blogs to share, because I had the Liebster Award from The things I see up here! Yay :)

Here you have the actual picture for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s not as cool as when it’s on a plastic dinosaur, but I thought I should still post the whole thing:

This was the longest post I EVER MADE. I’m exhausted! Good night.



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